1. STONE CLADDING:  Based on a long experience in this field, REC has developed a team of professionals specialized in sophisticated stone works, executing the landmark projects in Beirut.

2. RENOVATION: One of the sectors that requires an artistic and imagination based vision is renovation, which started out mainly as a hobby for REC and grew into a more dynamic field of work after the company had the chance to perform on several sites in Beirut city center preserving the national architectural heritage.

3. ARCHITECTURAL STONE DECORATION: Combining renovation of old buildings with modern stone cladding, the company evolved and began undertaking architectural stone decoration projects.

4. INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS: The most challenging sector of all has always been industrial buildings. REC took this challenge and succeeded by taking on hand important Lebanese industrial work sites. 

5. HIGH-END FINISHING:  Reaching the top level experience in construction and contracting relies on high-end finishing projects. The company has become well known amongst well reputed architects and interior designers in the country.